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AO conference in Washington DC

What Exactly is a Periodontist?
What Exactly is a Periodontist?
March 31, 2019
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What is Periodontal Disease?
April 25, 2019

AO conference in Washington DC March 14-March 16

After some self-inflicted time away from the podium it is great to see Dr. Barry Levin get back at the Academy of Osseointegration !
This past weekend in Washington, District of Columbia Dr. Levin was presenting the Dermal Apron technique combined with Co-Axis compliments of Southern Implants and it was fabulous ????

“Getting the #Inverta message out was very satisfying and he must thank Dr. Stephen Chu for his friendship and support along with the South African and US Southern Implants folks.
Then off to present and co-moderate the Inaugural OSSIX by Datum Dental Global Community Forum, seeing so many friends and colleagues along with making several new friends was fantastic. Always great to see my Israeli friends from Datum Dental !
Rounding out the conference was a meeting with Stephen Jacob to discuss the work he is doing with #Ostell and to move the multi-center study (with Bach Le) to the next phase was extremely satisfying.
This is what makes Periodontology and Implantology fun. Meeting with brilliant and passionate colleagues and contributing to the science. A few good cigars, scotches, great dinners and late night catching up doesn’t hurt either.”
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