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Dr. Levin Speaks in Tel Aviv, Israel

Dr. Levin Speaks at THE ADI Team Congress 2019 Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland
May 14, 2019
Inside Dentistry Roundtable: Implantology
May 16, 2019

OSSIX by Datum Dental – APRIL 7, 2019 TEL AVIV, ISRAEL

We’re delighted to welcome Dr Barry Levin to Israel. He’ll be talking about “Advanced Techniques for Bone Regeneration” at our partners, H.A. Systems training center in Tel Aviv. And in New York City, Dr. Roberto Abundo & Dr. Michelle Perelli will be addressing “How to Solve Clinical Problems in Everyday Implant Practice: Simplified and Predictable Procedures for Hard and Soft Tissue Management” at our partners, Sweden & Martina Inc. #OSSIXoutlook #OSSIX #GLYMATRIX