Five Ways that Periodontal Treatment Can Save a Patient’s Teeth

Treatments for Periodontal Disease to Save Your Teeth
Treatments for Periodontal Disease to Save Your Teeth
May 29, 2019
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July 29, 2019
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Five Ways that Periodontal Treatment Can Save a Patient’s Teeth

If a regular dentist finds signs of gum disease during a routine examination, then a patient should schedule an appointment with a Horsham periodontist as soon as possible. There are several symptoms from gum disease, including:

• Bleeding gums

• Foul taste in the mouth

• Swollen gums

• Intense halitosis

• Red gums

Without effective treatment, a patient can lose valuable alveolar bone in the gum tissues along with having loose teeth. The dangerous infection can also enter the jawbone, ear canals and sinus cavity, causing additional health problems. Here are some of the ways that our Horsham periodontist can help patients.

Way 1: Deep Cleaning

While a dentist may remove small amounts of plaque from a patient’s teeth, our periodontist offers deep cleaning services. A patient is usually sedated and receives injections to numb the tissues in the mouth for this service. We use special instruments to scrape away the hardened substances and bacteria on the teeth. This deep cleaning can include scraping the roots of the teeth along with pulling away the sensitive gum tissue that surrounds the teeth.

Way 2: Laser Treatments

Our periodontist can use a modern laser to treat the diseased tissue in a patient’s mouth. This a painless process that can rejuvenate the soft tissues of the mouth along with encouraging new growth in the alveolar bones and jawbone so that a patient’s teeth have stronger support.

Way 3: Antibiotic Medications

When a patient has serious gingivitis, oral antibiotics are the first type of treatment that is provided by our Horsham periodontist. Patients must take antibiotic medications for 10 days, and we also provide special mouth rinses to eliminate some of the bacteria that is in the mouth.

Way 4: Tissue Removal

In many cases, the gums will have extensive infection that has led to dying tissue that requires removal. Our periodontist must cut away this tissue along with grafting donor tissue in place to protect the roots of the patient’s teeth or the delicate alveolar bones. We can use donor tissue from a patient’s mouth for this process, or we can use artificial materials that will help new gum tissue to grow.

Way 5: Stabilizing the Teeth

When a patient has loose teeth from periodontal disease, it is essential to stabilize the teeth with braces or other dental appliances. These devices are customized for helping the teeth to reattach to the underlying alveolar bones as our periodontist eliminates the bacteria from the mouth.

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