Immediate Implants and How They Can Help you

The First Choice for Dental Implants
December 11, 2020
All on 4 implants Can Change Your Life
February 5, 2021
The First Choice for Dental Implants
December 11, 2020
All on 4 implants Can Change Your Life
February 5, 2021
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Immediate Implants and How They Can Help you

Immediate dental implants involve a cosmetic procedure used for the replacement of missing teeth. An immediate implants dentist determines the implantation. However, removing your tooth for the insertion of an implant should be the last option. So, if the tooth is not severely damaged, you can have it repaired.

The immediate implants procedure restores teeth function, improving your oral health. You must understand the requirements of dental implants placement.

Who is the Appropriate Candidate for Immediate Implants?

Dental implants placement is ideal for patients who want to extract their teeth due to:

  • Extensive damage 
  • Severe decay
  • Advanced bone loss
  • A functional tooth that is beyond repair

With an appointment at our hospital, an immediate implants dentist will examine your mouth. He will also review your medical history. After that, we will determine if you qualify for this restorative dentistry process.

Can an Immediate Implant Placement be Eligible to Everyone?

No patients would choose standard implants over immediate ones. The reason behind this is that immediate dental implants procedure is fast, as stated above. Unfortunately, other cases do not qualify for the dental procedure. These cases include the following:

  • Patients with an infected area of the implant 
  • If the bone for implant placement is not enough
  • Patients with severe gum issues
  • Patients who have bad habits like bruxism

The Procure for Immediate Implant Placement

Before beginning the immediate implants procedure, a periodontal specialist takes 3D beam images of your jaws. These images will guide the immediate implants dentist with the planning of the placement of the implant.

On the day of the implant procedure, the dentist will make the area numb. We will then extract the affected tooth and place bone grafting tissue in the socket to support the implant.

We will do the proper positioning of your dental implants and screw them into your jawbone. Finally, we will use a healing cap to close the area for healing.

Benefits of Immediate Implants

There are four main advantages of immediate dental implant placement. They include the following:

The Implant Procedure Will Make you look Good

Immediate implants function like natural teeth. The implants are so comfortable that you will easily forget that you have them.

You will also brush your teeth naturally without any problem. More to this, the teeth will help you maintain your natural face and smile.

The Immediate Implants are Long-Lasting

If you give the immediate dental implants proper care, they can last for an extended period. Other dental placement options may require replacement, which could be more costly.

You will Always have Confidence

Your implants will not slip nor click while talking, eating, or laughing. Your speech will be more natural, and you will not be limited to any food.

The Implants Will Protect your Teeth and Facial Bone

Immediate implants will help to stimulate the growth of bones. Also, there will be no bone loss if you go for immediate implants placement after losing your tooth. Empty spaces after losing a tooth or teeth may lead to health complications like jawbone deterioration.

If you have teeth problems or want immediate implants, we are available at your service. Visit the Office of Barry P. Levin DMD, PC, for more information.