What Causes Receding Gums?

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What Causes Receding Gums?

Gum recession is a very common dental problem, and one that can easily sneak up on you. It happens gradually, until one day you’re looking in the mirror and that one tooth looks longer than the rest. And then you realize that’s the one that’s been bothering you when you brush. But how did that happen? You are diligent about brushing, floss regularly, and almost never open bottles with your teeth. Yet, here we are. Well, as it turns out, there are many factors that can cause your gums to recede.

Inadequate Dental Care

The obvious one. If you are not brushing enough, flossing enough, or seeing your dentist for regular checkups, you are greatly increasing your risk of a receding gum line.

Periodontal Disease

These bacterial infections are the most common cause of gum recession, as they weaken the supporting bones and degrade the gums themselves.

Poor Brushing Technique

Improper brushing can affect the enamel on your teeth and lead to a receding gum line. Typically, the culprit is either brushing the wrong direction or being overly aggressive. While it may seem logical that the harder you scrub the cleaner they’ll get, it doesn’t necessarily work that way with teeth.


Particularly in women, hormonal fluctuations throughout their lifetime – such as those occurring during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause – can also result in gum recession.

Grinding Your Teeth

This added pressure can have a negative effect on the gums.


Smoking and chewing tobacco increases the plaque level and makes it more likely you will suffer from receding gums.


Some people are simply more prone to gum disease and receding gums, no matter how well they look after their teeth.

Tongue or Lip Piercings

It may have been a huge hit with your grandmother at Christmas last year, but the friction from your new piercing could be wearing away your gum line and causing a recession.

If you notice any tooth sensitivity or suspect you may be suffering from gum recession, contact Pennsylvania’s periodontal and dental implant specialist, Barry Levin DMD to make sure you don’t forget about your teeth’s health and oral care maintenance.

What Causes Receding Gums?

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