What is a Sinus Lift? A Professional Overview

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September 13, 2021
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What is a Sinus Lift? A Professional Overview

Dental implants are among the most common medical practices in the industry. A sinus lift has been the most popular in the last decade. Never mind if you plan to visit our clinic for the surgery but have questions on what to expect, we have answers to all your questions. With proper advice from our board certified periodontist, your journey to a successful implant is a guarantee.

The Basics of a Sinus Lift Procedure

The first step towards embracing a sinus lift is understanding what it is and what it entails. The objective of a sinus lift is to create ample room for dental implants. Sinus procedure applies to people with insufficient bones to help them withstand a dental implant. It boosts the bone count, targeting the upper jaw. We add extra bones between the premolar and molars. The procedure involves moving the sinus tissue upwards, which explains the name “sinus lift”’. Our board certified periodontist can conduct the surgery with minimal discomfort and without any complication.

When to Consider a Sinus Lift

There are many reasons to consider a sinus lift. Among them is when the height of your bones in the upper jaw is below the recommended limit. If the space between the jaw and your sinus is too narrow, consider a sinus lift surgery. Loss of bones in your jaws occurs due to the following reasons:

  • Loss of upper teeth, leaving the jaw weak.
  • Recurring gum infections or diseases.
  • Absorption of the jaw bone, caused by loss of teeth.

After settling for a sinus lift, our board certified periodontist must consider the availability of the required bone. The procedures can only be successful with the presence of the right bones. The various types of bones include:

  • Allogenic/Allograft – A dead bone from a cadaver.
  • Xenograft – A bone taken from a cow.
  • Autogenous bone – A bone extracted from your body.

If preliminary examinations indicate that we can harvest the bone from your body, our experts determine the most appropriate part of your mouth to extract it from. An x-ray is necessary to help us examine your jaws. It ensures accuracy as we get to know the best approach to employ.

Steps Involved during the Sinus Lift Procedure

Understanding what to expect during the surgery is fundamental as it boosts your confidence. The procedure involves several steps that our periodontist must explain to you.

  • We start by making an incision at the gum tissue.
  • Raise the tissue to access the bone under it and make a hole.
  • Fill the opening with the extracted bone and close it.
  • The wound takes several days to heal.

After four to twelve months, it’s safe to go for an implant. The period is enough for the new bone to bond well with your jaw. The amount of bone used determines the wait time for an implant. We decide the most appropriate healing duration before tampering with the jaw again.

With adequate knowledge about sinus lift, you can confidently contact us to schedule a visit. Our dentist will provide you with all the necessary support to go through the healing process. Meet experts like Dr. Barry Levin with a history of helping people undergo successful sinus lift surgery for many years. Visit our surgeon today for professional assistance.