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What is Bone Augmentation?

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Bone Augmentation in Jenkintown

The dental practice of Barry Levin DMD provides professional bone augmentation services in Jenkintown, PA. Read on to discover the benefits of this procedure for dental patients. 

What is bone augmentation?

Bone augmentation is a treatment that uses synthetic or natural materials to fill in a bone defect, typically for patients with severe bone loss. This procedure aims to strengthen the body’s skeletal structure and improve mobility.  

This procedure can treat several conditions, including tooth extraction sites that have not healed, dental implants that are not seated properly or have been poorly positioned in the mouth, gaps in the jawbone due to missing teeth, facial fractures, and bridge grafts.

Bone augmentation can be used alone or in combination with other procedures, such as implant placement and teeth extraction sites. Bone augmentation in Jenkintown is typically done on a patient with very little remaining bone. It can prevent many complications from incomplete bone augmentation procedures and, therefore, increase the patient’s long-term success.

Top Reasons For Bone Augmentation in Jenkintown

1. Bone augmentation is used to add bone to a particular site in the mouth. It is used to make the area more robust and more stable to withstand the pressure of other parts of the structure. This procedure can be adjunct or used as a stand-alone treatment. The decision to use this in a patient’s mouth depends on their specific needs. Patients with missing teeth, implants, bridges, and dentures often have bone loss in the area where the component is placed. This type of bone missing can cause gaps that make it difficult to identify other members. By filling these holes, the ability to place implants or bridges further into the mouth is increased so that patients can be more successful when placing dentures or other dental treatments.

2. Bone augmentation can also be used to repair a bone that has been weakened by trauma or disease. It is done by placing synthetic materials into the area where bone loss has occurred to strengthen the bone and restore lost bone volume and height.

3. Bone augmentation can also be used to restore bone height and volume after tooth extraction. It is done when patients have lost teeth or other bone structures in the mouth. Sometimes the bone loss is severe enough that a patient is missing most of the teeth from their jaw. It can affect their bite, which compromises the function of all of the teeth on either side of the extraction site. Restoring healthy bones can help improve bite function so that orthodontic appliances and crowns can be used more effectively.

4. Patients with bone loss in the mouth can also benefit from bone augmentation. It is done when dental implants have not been correctly seated, have been poorly positioned, or are not located where they need to be to function correctly. By filling any gaps or holes in the jawbone, the ability of the patient’s dentures to be placed perfectly and remain stable after some time is increased so that teeth can be better supported. At the same time, they are anchored into place by dental implants.

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