COVID-19 Update

6/2/2020 Practice Updates Regarding COVID19

During the past weeks while under “stay at home orders,” our team extensively reviewed all available scientific research regarding the virus we have all come to know as COVID19. We are aware that it is easily transmittable and highly infectious.

What we’ve learned and implemented will keep you safe!

We’d like to share our findings and plan of action. Transmission of the disease is thought to spread through respiratory droplets (aerosol). Air droplets can be created during dental procedures. By following CDC, OSHA and Pennsylvania DOH guidance, rest assured, we are doing everything possible to mitigate any risk to you or our team while under our care. Even with extra-ordinary precautions, there is always some risk that cannot be avoided. The dental profession has always followed stringent infection control procedures, including strict sterilization protocols and barrier techniques such as gloves and masks. In addition to strict adherence of CDC and DOH guidelines, we have added multiple new protective measures.

What we’re doing now to protect you

We know that dental care is essential NOT ONLY to your oral health, but to your overall health. Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection. Maintaining your oral health will protect you from vulnerability to many other systemic diseases.

New systems and policies:

When you see us next, you’ll notice some changes to our standard operations. These are designed to keep our patients and team members safe. Some of what we've implemented includes:

  • Staggered appointment scheduling to limit patient numbers in the office.
  • Pre-visit health screening of all patients.
  • Special procedures for patients entering and leaving the office including taking your temperature, use of hand sanitizers and wearing protective masks.
  • Limiting the number of patients / people in the reception area to maintain social distancing. At this time if you need a driver or a support person for your appointment they will need to remain in their vehicle during your time in our office.
  • Magazines which we cannot sanitize will be eliminated.
  • An antibacterial & antiviral mouth rinse will be provided before any dental care.

Updated disinfecting procedures:

You’ll notice that the majority of familiar signs and countertop items have been removed to allow for efficient and effective surface and countertop disinfection early in the morning, during the day and at the end of the day.

All door handles and frequent touch surfaces are being disinfected frequently and meticulously. To keep you safe, we have removed our magazines but please feel free to bring your own reading materials or listen to your favorite podcast or music on your mobile device.

New safety equipment

We have ordered the following safety equipment and it is being installed as it arrives. At your next visit to the office you may notice the following additions that we have put in place to keep you safe:

Air purifiers. The air purifiers are present in every treatment room and have HEPA filters that Captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen, mold and dust.

Safety partitions The new partitions in our reception area help provide protection for you and our administrative staff by enforcing social distancing.

Personal Protective Equipment: Don’t be alarmed at our team member’s new “look”. The administrative staff are all wearing masks, while members of the clinical team are wearing face shields, shoe coverings, head coverings, masks, gloves, and gowns.

Aerosol reducers: We have invested in several new devices to capture air droplets (aerosol) before they have a chance to spread through the air. These aerosol reducers will be in all treatment rooms that have aerosol producing procedures being performed.


We look forward to seeing you again soon and helping you maintain optimal oral health.



Barry P. Levin, DMD

Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry