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Simultaneous Crestal Sinus Elevation and Implant Placement


Advancing the Standard of Care in Implantology

A Paradigm Change in Macro Implant Concept

A Paradigm Change in Macro Implant Concept

Prosthetic and Surgical Management of Atypical Space When Teeth Are Missing

Prosthetic and Surgical Management of Atypical Space When Teeth Are Missing


Immediate Tooth Replacement Therapy


Changes in Peri-implant Soft Tissue Thickness With Bone Grafting and Dermis Allograft

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Redesigning Existing Provisional Restorations


The Subperiosteal Tunneling Technique


Dental Implant Removal


Treatment of Peri-Implantitis in the Esthetic Zone


Implant Treatment in Maxillary Posterior: Determining the Path to Success


The Correlation Between Immediate Implant Insertion Torque and Implant Stability Quotient


Implant Treatment in Maxillary Posterior: Determining the Path to Success


How Rebuilding Gum and Bone Tissue Can Help Ensure Successful Treatment


The Dermal ApronTechnique for Immediate Implant Socket Management: ANovel Technique

Advanced Esthetic Management of Dental Implants: Surgical and Restorative Considerations to Improve Outcomes

The (Technical) Revolution Is On

The Teamwork Approach to Esthetic Tooth Replacement with Immediate Implant Placement and Immediate Temporization

Immediate Replacement of a Fractured Implant and Adjacent Tooth

The Dual Function of a Dermal Allograft in Immediate Implant Therapy

Posterior Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants in Sites Augmented with rhBMP-2 at Time of Extraction

With a coronally-advanced flap technique, treatment over a large area is possible in one procedure

Immediate Provisionalization of Immediate Implants in the Esthetic Zone: A Prospective Case Series Evaluating Implant Survival, Esthetics, and Bone Maintenance

Using Biologic Mediators to Enhance Clinical Outcomes

Horizontal Alveolar Ridge Augmentation: the Importance of Space Maintenance

Advanced Surgical and Restorative Therapies Aimed at Rehabilitation of a Severe Dentoalveolar Defect in the Esthetic Zone

Alveolar Ridge Augmentation: Combining Bioresorbable Sca!olds with Osteoinductive Bone Grafts in Atrophic Sites. A Follow-Up to an Evolving Technique

Computer-Guided Implant Surgery in Contemporary Practice

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New technology has changed the way we diagnose, treat and prevent oral health issues. Learn about the latest advancements in dentistry that we offer to all our patients:

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