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Case Studies

Case Study #1

Randy had previous implant treatment elsewhere. Failing teeth and esthetic failure. Before treatment and after new implants and submerging old implants under the gums.

Case Study #2

Megan suffers from an autoimmune disease known as scleroderma. Her teeth suffered from fractures and decay. She even lost her first upper right bicuspid tooth. Dr. Levin performed cosmetic gum surgery and placed a dental implant where the missing tooth was located. Her general dentist restored her smile with porcelain veneers and a crown on the implant.

Case Study #3

James had receding gums around many teeth. Using a donated skin graft and synthetic growth factors, Dr. Levin treated all 8 teeth at one time, without having to use gum tissue from his palate, which would have required multiple surgeries and significantly more discomfort. His gumline has been stable for over 2 years, and was even featured in the journal Inside Dentistry.

Case Study #4

Edna suffered from periodontal disease, decay and missing teeth. It was very difficult for her to eat comfortably. Dr. Levin extracted her remaining upper teeth and placed 4 dental implants at the same time. After several months of healing, her dentist made her appliance that is stable like natural teeth, but can be removed for oral hygiene. It fits snug over these 4 “conus” abutments and does not require any adhesives to stay in during eating and speaking.

Case Study #5

Noreen was referred to Dr. Levin because she fractured her front tooth and it could not be saved. Dr. Levin extracted her broken tooth and placed an implant into her extraction site at the time. He also provided her with a temporary crown, that was connected to the implant and did not come out. This provided her with an “immediate tooth replacement”. After several months of healing, in which she never had a removable temporary restoration, her dentist made a porcelain crown, permanently restoring her smile.

Case Study #6

Rachel was referred to Dr. Levin for cosmetic crown-lengthening prior to her dentist providing her with porcelain veneers. She was unhappy with her short front teeth and uneven gumline. Dr. Levin performed esthetic therapy and referred he back for cosmetic dentistry. Her general dentist placed veneers on her front teeth and she now loves her smile!

Case Study #7

Maggie was referred by her dentist for a total smile make-over. After periodontal surgery, to elongate (crown-lengthen) tooth #10, her upper left lateral incisor and root coverage (connective tissue graft) on tooth #12. Tooth #8 (upper right central incisor) was extracted and immediately replaced with an implant, and a temporary crown was placed all at the same time, using the Dermal Apron Technique Dr. Levin has trademarks.

After sufficient healing, Maggie's front 7 teeth were treated with porcelain veneers and a crown was placed on her implant.

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