How Gum Disease Impacts Your Overall Health

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How Gum Disease Impacts Your Overall Health

Patient with a toothache sees a dentist in a dental clinic at a hospital examination room. The doctor gives advice on maintaining oral health.

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Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is an often overlooked condition. It’s also one of the most common, affecting millions of adults across the United States. In addition to its oral-related symptoms, gum disease can also impact your overall well-being – making it essential to know your risk of gum disease and prevent or treat it as best as possible. At the periodontal practice of Dr. Barry Levin, we’re committed to helping you face gum disease head-on. 

Understanding Gum Disease

Gum disease begins when plaque accumulates on the teeth and gums, causing inflammation. If not treated early, this can progress from gingivitis (the initial stage) to periodontitis (an advanced stage), leading to gum damage, tooth loss, and even bone loss in the jaw.

Link Between Gum Disease and Systemic Health

Research suggests that gum disease may contribute to various health issues beyond your mouth. Here are some ways in which gum disease can impact your overall health:

1. Cardiovascular Disease

The Connection: Studies have indicated a link between heart disease and periodontal disease. The bacteria causing gum inflammation can enter the bloodstream, leading to arterial plaque and increased risk of heart attacks. Our comprehensive periodontal care includes regular cleanings and patient education to control gum disease and help reduce your risk of developing heart conditions.

2. Diabetes

The Connection: Gum disease is often more severe and harder to control in people with diabetes. Conversely, inflammation from gum disease can make blood sugar more challenging to manage. Our team works closely with patients to develop personalized care plans that address gum disease while considering their diabetic status.

3. Respiratory Conditions

The Connection: People with periodontal disease are more prone to respiratory infections like pneumonia, as harmful oral bacteria can be inhaled into the lungs.Through preventative treatments and education, we aim to minimize oral bacteria and help reduce the risk of associated respiratory conditions.

4. Pregnancy Complications

The Connection: Pregnant women with gum disease may be at a higher risk for preterm birth and low birth weight babies. We provide comprehensive, gentle care for expectant mothers, closely monitoring and managing any signs of gum disease to promote a healthy pregnancy.

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Gum disease isn’t merely a dental issue—it can significantly impact your overall health. At the Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, under the expert guidance of Dr. Barry Levin, we’re dedicated to providing thorough periodontal care with a holistic approach, understanding that your oral health is a vital part of your total health. Schedule your appointment with our periodontist in Jenkintown today!