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Sleep Apnea in Men vs. Women

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March 19, 2017
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April 19, 2017


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Millions of people around the world are affected by sleep apnea. It is condition that prevents individuals from breathing properly while sleeping, and it can result in a number of health problems. Men and women are capable of acquiring this disease. A periodontist in Jenkintown can prescribe a treatment, but it is important to understand how this condition affects men and women differently.


For starters, men are nearly twice as likely to develop this condition as women. Due to the increased prevalence in males, it is typically referred to as a “man’s disease,” but make no mistake, plenty of women suffer from it as well.

Reported Symptoms 

It has been found that men are more likely to describe the fact that they snore at night and wake up gasping for air. Women are more likely to describe their sleep apnea by the fact they feel fatigued or depressed more often. Naturally, the same symptoms manifest themselves in everybody, but it is interesting to see how the genders generally report these symptoms to a periodontist in Jenkintown.

Long-Term Health Risks

The potential health risks are the same in everybody. If this condition is not treated in a timely manner, then sufferers are susceptible to developing irregular heartbeats and cardiovascular disease. The risks are even greater if people already have high blood pressure.


Treatments are the same, and the best treatment will depend on the severity of the individual’s case of sleep apnea. Making lifestyle changes can certainly help, but some people will need to wear a mouthguard at night in order to open up the airways more. CPAP machines are also prescribed frequently.

If you believe you might have this condition, then it is very much worth it to schedule a sleep study with a periodontist in Jenkintown. The sooner you get diagnosed, the sooner you can get back to having a good night’s rest.

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