What is Gum Grafting?

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February 28, 2023
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What is Gum Grafting?

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Your teeth are just one part of a beautiful, healthy smile. Your gums play a pivotal role in the look and feel of your smile as well. If you’re experiencing gum recession, then a gum grafting procedure can help restore the appearance of healthy gums. Read on to discover how a gum grafting procedure at the office of Dr. Barry Levin can help you reclaim your beautiful, confident smile.

What is gum recession?

Gum recession is a common dental issue that occurs when the gum line pulls away from the teeth and exposes more of the teeth’s roots than normal. It often occurs as a result of advanced periodontal disease or aggressive brushing habits. Symptoms of gum recession include tooth sensitivity and pain, bad breath, and an increase in the appearance of your teeth’s roots. If you have already been diagnosed with periodontal disease (gum disease), you may be at an increased risk. Be sure to check with Dr. Levin if you have any concerns about developing gum recession.

What are the consequences of gum recession?

Gum recession is more than just an aesthetic issue; it can create long-term health problems for your teeth and gums. When the gum line recedes, bacteria and plaque have greater access to the underlying tooth root, which increases the risk of decay and infection. If left untreated, gum recession can eventually lead to tooth loss or other serious dental issues.

What is gum grafting?

Gum grafting is an advanced periodontal procedure that is used to repair gum recession. During the procedure, a small piece of tissue (usually taken from the roof of your mouth) is transplanted to your existing gums. This new “graft” attaches itself to the surrounding healthy gum tissue and begins to grow, covering up the exposed tooth root and strengthening your gums against further damage. In some cases, the tissue is taken from a donor. This may be necessary if a large area needs to be covered with new tissue.

Am I a good candidate for gum grafting?

In order to determine whether you are a good candidate for gum grafting, Dr. Barry Levin will examine your mouth and discuss the details of your medical history. Not everyone will be a good candidate for gum grafting – in some cases, there may be another procedure that will better suit your needs. During your consultation, Dr. Levin will discuss the best options for you and answer any questions you may have about gum grafting.

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Gum grafting can help to prevent further damage to your teeth and gums, and restore a more aesthetically pleasing look to your smile. If you are experiencing symptoms of gum recession, it’s important to contact Dr. Barry Levin for a consultation as soon as possible. With the right treatment plan, you can restore your gums and keep them healthy for many years to come. Contact the Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry today!