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All on 4 implants Can Change Your Life

Immediate Implants and How They Can Help you
January 1, 2021
March 5, 2021
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All on 4 implants Can Change Your Life

As a top all on 4 implants dentist, we’ve seen just how beneficial all-on-four implants can truly be. In fact, we believe that this form of restorative dentistry can be downright life-changing. From building confidence and increasing social and professional appeal to improving basic chewing and talking abilities, these solutions are guaranteed to make a person’s life both better and easier. If you have a number of missing or badly damaged teeth, read on to discover how this innovative procedure can benefit you.

Sidestep The Discomfort, Embarrassment, And Hassle Of Traditional Dentures

While dentures have long been known to effectively address widespread tooth loss, and with relatively natural-looking results, all-on-four implants provide far greater stability and far more impressive smile aesthetics. In general, dental implants have the best ability to mimic the look, shape, and function of natural teeth. Unlike dentures, these appliances remain permanently affixed in the mouth. Thus, there is no:

  • Dealing with messy pastes or glues
  • Fear of having your teeth loosen or come out
  • Special maintenance required

Once they’re in, all-on-four implants can be cleaned and cared for much like your natural teeth.

Restore Lost Facial Volume And Rejuvenate Your Overall Appearance

One of the drawbacks of having badly damaged or infected teeth extracted is the fact that much of the face’s natural volume is lost. With implants, however, the supporting titanium posts act much like the natural teeth roots. This prevents continued deterioration of the underlying bone structure and keeps the visage looking much like it did before dental treatment. If you currently have two or more missing teeth along with several teeth that are chipped, fractured, or broken, you may have loose, sagging skin along your jawline, hollows at your cheeks, or other noticeable signs of volume loss and facial aging. Working with our seasoned all on 4 implants dentist is a great way to regain a full and undeniably youthful-looking face.

Enunciate Clearly

Absent of one or more natural teeth, the mouth becomes significantly less proficient in forming clear and properly enunciated sounds. Widespread tooth loss can make it difficult for others to understand you. Thus, not only will you feel less confident about your looks, but you’ll also be a lot less confident when speaking publicly. This tends to make people less proactive in their social and professional lives. With a full mouth of beautiful and securely set teeth, you can be as assertive and self-assured as you once were. Keep in mind that enunciation is often something that those wearing dentures continue to struggle with, especially when these appliances are improperly sized and ill-fitting. Moreover, given the natural gum shrinkage that occurs with dentures, even a pair that fits perfectly from the outset can become loose and uncomfortable over time.

Start Enjoying All Of Your Favorite Foods Again

Not only is talking much easier with all-on-four implants, but chewing your food thoroughly becomes a significantly easier task as well. You don’t have to turn down sticky taffies, grilled steak, crunchy vegetables, popcorn, or your favorite roasted nuts and seeds. In addition to making dining and life in general more pleasurable, this benefit also makes it possible for patients to enjoy good nutrition at every stage of life.

Get Rid Of The Pain And Embarrassment Caused By Damaged Teeth And Persistent Infections

Countless consumers are putting restorative dental treatments off for fear of losing facial volume, bone density, and their youthful good looks. Scheduling an appointment with our all on 4 implants dentist will totally change your life for the better. Untended oral health issues can wreak havoc on your entire body. If left to progress, these problems can become systemic by working their way through the underlying bone structure and entering the blood stream. 

Dental implants that are firmly affixed in your mouth will make you look more youthful by restoring facial volume. They will also prevent additional bone deterioration. Best of all, all-on-four implants will eliminate all of the physical and social discomfort that you’ve been experiencing as the result of widespread tooth decay or widespread tooth loss. Get in touch with us today to set up a consultation appointment and learn more about our options in restorative dentistry.